What You Need To Use Whoosh!

Before you start Whooshing, please take note of the following important points.

1. Do You Have Standard Hosting?

WP Whoosh only works on standard cPanel hosting accounts.

For example, if you are hosting with Hostgator or Bluehost then you can use Whoosh but if you are hosting with GoDaddy you cannot use Whoosh.

For a full list of hosting companies that we support, see Whoosh Compatible Hosts. We’ll update this list as we check more and more hosts.

2. Have You Got A Domain Name?

WP Whoosh installs new sites. All you have to do is point the domain’s DNS to your host. You don’t even have to create an add-domain, WP Whoosh will do that for you. However WP Whoosh will not overwrite an existing WordPress site. If you want to install over an existing site, you’ll have to go into your cPanel and delete the site first.

3. If You Like Our Genesis Child Theme Modifications . . .

If you like any of the Genesis templates – either the ones we have modified or designed, or the vanilla child themes as provided by StudioPress, you’ll have to show us your Genesis license before we can let you use them.

Once you buy a Genesis Pro Pack license you’ll be able to Whoosh any of our standard vanilla Genesis child themes and any of our Genesis child theme modifications or bespoke designs.

Buy purchasing the full Genesis theme set you will future proof your site development, and be able to benefit from access to all our Genesis templates.

If you don’t want to buy Genesis, you can still use Whoosh to install any of the free theme templates we’ve included.