Whooshing A Brand New Client Site

Here we look at using Whoosh from the perspective of a website designer who is a building a brand new site for a client who has no site already in place.

Reseller Hosting Set-Up

Let’s assume you have a dedicated, VPS or reseller hosting account and in line with best security practices you set up a separate account for each client site.

We will assume the project is to create a new site and that there are no email accounts on the new domain.

Summary Checklist

  1. Change Name Servers on Domain Registrar
  2. Set Up Client cPanel Account on WHM
  3. Add Host On Whoosh
  4. Whoosh Site To New Domain
  5. Set Up Maintenance Mode To Deny Access To Search Engines
  6. Add Real Content
  7. Set up Mail accounts and Forwarding Rules
  8. Go Live

Detailed Instructions

Set Up Name Servers

Log in to the control panel of the the registrar of the client’s domain and change the name servers for the domain to those allocated to the new client account on your server. There can be shared name servers supplied by your host or private name servers; either way you have control.

Set Up A New Client Account

Typically you will want to create a new account for each client. You do this in WHM, set the domain for the client to be that of the site you are going to design; e.g. johnsmithbeers.com, the username you choose might be jhn45smh and you might use a generated password, and choose a suitable package you use for your hosted client sites.

Create A WP Whoosh Host

On the site where you have WP Whoosh installed, add a host where the host URL ends in port 2083 and the username and password is that of the new client accounts. You should choose a host that has SSL so you can use a more secure connection when using cPanel. Port 2083 is secure whereas port 2082 is not.

For example:

Host Name: John Smith Beer Hosting
URL: https://yourhost.websitewelcome.com:2083
Username: jhn45smh
Password : wm45$^$%&{}dgd

Whoosh The Site

The site is whooshed on to the domain as follows:

  • Click Add New Site button and enter a label for the site; e.g. John Smiths Beer
  • Enter the site URL, e.g. http://www.johnsmithbeers.com
  • Choose a template, e.g Genesis Outreach
  • Select the new cPanel host, e.g John Smith Beer Hosting
  • Press Save
  • Add any client address and contact information you want to appear in the footer and in privacy and terms and conditions pages
  • Enter an WordPress admin username that is not simply “admin”. For example, if your name is Bill Gates then use Bill as the User Display Name and maybe bill38ga as the username so your site will be safer against brute force attacks on the admin password.
  • Add any social media account URLs for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc
  • Check the settings and then click Use Credits and Install
  • Activate Maintenance Mode on the new site to keep search engines away

Replace Site Content

Edit the Whoosh specific content and replace it will client content. This will typically involve:

  • Replace the post titles, content, post images and featured images of the featured posts – the one that feature on the home page
  • Change the Menu content as required
  • Add the client logo and home page featured images using the Genesis Club plugin
  • Replace trademarks image links with suitable ones for the client
  • Check the content of each text widget and make sure their content is relevant for your client
  • Change the newsletter signup page to use the client’s Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or other autoresponder account.
  • Register and verify site on Google Webmaster Tools

Email Account Setup

As part of taking on the client you may be taking responsibility for their mail services. If so, set up the same mail accounts and forwarding rules as exist on their existing mail system. A detailed description of transitioning mail services is beyond the scope of this article.

Go Live

Make the site available to the search engines and to the public visitors as follows:-

  • Change the Privacy settings on WordPress
  • Deactivate the Maintenance Mode plugin
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Start driving traffic to the site using social media and other means

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