How To Set Up DNS For Your New Domain

IMPORTANT: for Whoosh to work you need to have pointed the domain where you want to install the site at your host.

You can use one of two methods:

  • At your domain registrar where you bought the domain, set the name servers for your domain to be the name servers allocated to your host account (e.g and
  • In your DNS manager create an ‘A’ record so that either or, or both host records point at the IP address of your hosting account

The first method is the one we recommend as it is a bit simpler and more reliable, especially in the case whether your host has a number of different IP addresses and it is not clear which one will be allocated for the new site.

Given this change takes some time to propagate around the internet, up to 48 hours in fact, it is best to do this step when you buy the domain if you know at that time on which host you are going to install the site.

If you make a last minute decision to install the site on a new host and hence need to change name servers you can expect a minimum of a hour’s wait, and a maximum of 48 hours, before the propagation is complete and the DNS for your new site is under the management of your host’s nameservers.

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