How To Install A Site

Once a site has passed all the checks it is ready for installation.

Just click the use credits and install button. The installation will typically take a bit less than a minute.

Screenshot of installing a site

When the installation completes you will see a message indicating that the site has been installed successfully with a link to the site. You will also receive an email confirming your WordPress admin URL, login and password for the site.

Reasons For Failure

Wrong PIN

If you have set your account up to use a PIN but you have supplied an incorrect PIN when authorising the installation then the installation will fail with an Invalid Request error. In this case you will NOT have been charged 1 Whoosh Credit for the installation. The remedy is to use the correct PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN you can always reset your PIN.

Temporary Server Issues

If the installation fails, look in the Errors tab for the reason. If the problem is a temporary one (slow server, etc) then you can try the installation again. Providing you do not change the site URL, the host or the template, then the second attempt will not be charged another credit. The issue could be that something has changed on the server: quota, disk space, permissions, etc. Try and resolve the issue and then retry the installation.

Host Compatibility Issues

Contact us for support if your site has passed the checks but Whoosh is unable to complete the installation. We will investigate the issue. If we are unable to complete the installation then we will refund the credit for the installation. And if Whoosh is unable to make any installations at all on your host then we will refund all your remaining unexpired credits, and add your host to the list of unsupported hosts. You will also be refunded for any premium templates that you have purchased but have been unable to use.

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