How To Choose A Template

On the WP Whoosh menu click on the Templates menu option and view the available templates. These comprise free standard templates, free popular templates and some premium templates.

Screenshot of WP Whoosh Templates

Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image.

Click on the link below the image to find out more about the template’s features. From there you will find a link to the demo site for the template where you can explore further.

Most templates will show up as being Available.

The exceptions to these are templates which are based on premium themes. So, for example, if you want to whoosh a Genesis template we need to check first that you have a Genesis license. Once we have checked with StudioPress you have a valid license then vanilla templates in the Genesis group will either be available to use or premium templates will be available for purchase.

We have a number of premium templates that you can buy. Once you have bought a template it will appear as Available and you can whoosh it on as many new sites at a cost of 1 credit per site.

All Whooshes cost 1 credit whether the template is simple or complex, free or premium.


  1. Can you add your own templates to the list

    • Russell says:

      You can only do this with current release if we set the templates up on our Whoosh server as private templates only accessible to your API key. A few manual steps are involved for us to verify the code in the template before uploading it onto our servers.

      When we implement part of the Whoosh server on on-demand cloud servers so each site is ‘sandboxed’ during the build then we will be able to offer a much more streamlined process.

      We are also working on “Whoosh Tune-up” which will apply the Whoosh security and performance settings to an existing site.

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