How To Check A Site

To check a site click the check button.

If everything has been set up correctly, then you will get a green tick in around 10 seconds.

Typically if the cPanel details are incorrect or the DNS is not set up correctly or cannot be setup then the Check will inform you that the site can be installed on your chosen host. This message normally takes a minute to appear.

Screenshot of checking of a site prior to installation

Typical Errors

DNS Issues Or Bad URL

In the above example the Errors tab has the message

DNS not yet fully propagated for Try again after a short pause.

The message presumes that the user has gone to their Domain Registrar and set the name servers for to be the nameservers associated with the Hostgator Baby account but the propagation of the name server information has not yet completed across the internet. This propagation of name servers can take up to 48 hours. When you change name server at your Domain Registrar the control panel will typically tell you how long the update wil likely take.

But the error might not be a DNS issue, it could be a typo.

If the user has mistyped the URL then the same error will be displayed. Whoosh cannot tell the difference between a mistyped domain and a domain that has not propagated: all it knows it that is not set up to be on Hostgator Baby. It this case the user has to type the URL correctly and then press the Check button again.

Site Already Exists

Whoosh will not overwrite an existing site so if the location you specify already has a WordPress site then Whoosh will flag this. It will also flag an error if you try and overwrite and existing database.

Invalid cPanel Details

Whoosh will flag an error if the cPanel details are incorrect.

Insufficient Funds

Whoosh will flag an error if you have no Whoosh credits in your account. You need 1 credit to Whoosh a site.

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