How To Change Your Whoosh API Secret

The 32 character API key is entered into the WP Whoosh plugin once and typically you will not have to deal with again. It will not change.

However you may want to set up a API Secret which you will be required to enter every time you do an installation. The API Secret can be between 4 and 32 characters in length. This is a security measure to protect the use of your credits. You will type in the API Secret to authorize use of the credits to pay for the installation. For most users they will only want to use a API Secret if you are a regular user of WP Whoosh.

Changing Your API Secret

If you keep your API Secret secure you will not need to change it. However if you feel it has been compromised, or you simply want to set a new API Secret for any reason then you can do so.

You can choose a API Secret by using the following procedure on the API Secret admin page on your WordPress site:

  1. Click on the Get Authorization Code button
  2. Wait for an email to be sent to your registration email address
  3. The email contains an authorization code – copy and paset the authorization code from the email
  4. Enter your new API Secret then click on the Save Your Secret button to set your new API Secret.
  5. You will also need to edit your hosts details and re-enter the cPanel username and password. The places this important access information under the protection of your new API Secret.


  1. Hi I tried 3 times to set my api secret with the 32 digit code and I always get the same error code it is not the right length it is the right lenth but does not work on my site

    • Hi John,

      You might be mixing up the API Key and the API secret. There is not a 32 character check on the API secret

      The API key is fixed and allocated by us. The API secret is variable and allocated by you.

      The API key/licence is 32 characters in length.

      The API secret can be between 4 and 32 characters however we recommend around 16 characters for good security

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