Domains, Registrars and Hosts – An Overview

If you are new to WordPress, or indeed to setting up your own website, this information is for you. There are a few things that you must have to get started.

Our Recommendation

We still have some domains at GoDaddy, but we now prefer to use Namecheap.

Keep Your Independence

Buy your domain name from a domain registrar. Don’t buy your domain name at the same place where you are going to host. You retain more independence and things are less difficult to unravel later, if you decided you want to change a host or a registrar if you keep them separate in the first place.

Domain Name Servers

Be aware that these exist, and that they are controlled from somewhere. That controller can be a specialist 3rd party organisation, or it can be your host. It’s fine to allow your host to control your DNS.

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