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Pinboard Theme Highlights

Pinboard is an elegant theme powered by an advanced theme framework and grid system allowing virtually unlimited layout options and styles. Pinboard is ideal for showcasing your portfolio of works or other multimedia elements like images, photo galleries, videos and podcasts. It has had around 190,000 downloads and scores 4.2 out of 5.

The creators of Pinboard, OneDesigns, have designed a responsive layout and an flexible grid powered by jQuery Masonry which smoothly adapts to changes to the viewport of the browser.

Its features include:

  1. Flexible, multicolumn grid
  2. Responsive Layout
  3. Post Thumbnails
  4. Post Formats
  5. Audio & Video playback
  6. Dedicated portfolio section
  7. Multiple layout options and custom page templates
  8. Built-in design elements for creating custom layouts and landing pages
  9. Custom fonts and advanced typography options
  10. SEO-ready and options that give you control over code semantics
  11. Very cool “infinite” scroll on the home and archive pages so more posts appear magically as the user scrolls down the page

The Whoosh version of Pinboard which can be installed using the Whoosh WordPress plugin in under 60 seconds, has the following features:

Whooshed Pinboard Features

  • All standard WP Whoosh security, performance, SEO and time saving features.
  • Includes Footer Putter plugin which adds more useful stuff like footer credits and trust symbols placement.
  • Built with pre-configured sidebars and footers to help you get started.
  • A number of dummy pages and posts to help you get started.

View Live Demo!  Get Whoosh Plugin!

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