Genesis News Child Theme

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News Child Theme Highlights

News theme supports all of the great articles, audio and video of your content-heavy site, with eye-popping design and simple navigation.

Reasons to use the News Theme are:

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. 6 layout styles
  3. 7 color options
  4. Featured Sliders where you can define number of slides and post IDs
  5. Threaded comments
  6. Adspace widgets to place ads in the header, sidebar and footer

The Whoosh version of News which can be installed using the Whoosh WordPress plugin in under 60 seconds, has the following features:

Whooshed News Features

  • All standard WPWhoosh security, performance, SEO and time saving features.
  • Includes Genesis Club plugin which adds more useful stuff like footer credits and trust symbols placement.
  • Built with pre-configured sidebars and footers to help you get started.
  • A number of dummy pages and posts to help you get started.

View Live Demo!  Get Whoosh Plugin!

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