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Minimum Child Theme Highlights

Minimum is the Minimum Child Theme from Genesis and we have not modified it beyond adding our Genesis Club plugin and out other standard installation enhancements.

The large home page image is is not stretched and will occupy a maximum space of 1600px x 600px. If you stretch the browser window any wider white tramlines will appear at either side of the image. When the window size is reduced, the image size will reduce proportionally so the whole image remains visible.

The Whoosh version of Genesis Minimum which can be installed using the Whoosh WordPress plugin in under 60 seconds, has the following features:

Minimum Child Theme Features

  • Easily supply your own home page image. You just need an image that is 1600px wide by 600px tall.
  • Built with pre-configured sidebars and footers to help you get started.
  • A number of dummy pages and posts to help you get started.
  • Social Media Bar with big icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest
  • This is a responsive WordPress theme, so it works on desktop and mobile devices without the use of a plugin
  • All standard WPWhoosh security, performance, SEO and time saving features.
  • Includes Genesis Club plugin which adds more useful stuff like footer credits and trust symbols placement.

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