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Genesis Michele Child Theme Highlights

This child theme is based on the Genesis Minimum child theme. It has a large home page image that takes up pretty much all the space above the fold. In Genesis Michele we’ve enhanced the original child theme as follows :

  1. The large home page image is stretched so it remains full-width at whatever size it is being viewed.
  2. On smaller viewports (iPads and iPhones for example), the image is not reduced in size but rather, less of it is shown.
  3. There is a text widget covering about a third of the image on the left hand side where you can place text to indicate what your site is about and/or a call to action such as a sign-up form or button.
  4. At the top right of the image is a peel-back which activates on hover. Here you can place an offer or something you definitely want your visitors to see.
  5. The peel-back automatically disappears on small and mobile devices.
  6. Social media floating bar from AddThis is included, out of the box.
  7. Social media floating bar disappears on narrow screens, and on posts, the buttons appear instead at the top and bottom of posts.
  8. We’ve made the follow me social media buttons smaller and color-coded them to the green of Michele on hover.
  9. The home page has a sidebar
  10. Includes Twitter, Facebook social proof widgets
  11. Includes all standard WP Whoosh security, performance, SEO and the Genesis Club plugin.
  12. Site is populated with dummy content, tags and categories so you can make changes using our text as an example.

Genesis Michele can be installed in under 60 seconds using WP Whoosh. All Whooshed Genesis child themes include our Genesis Club plugin. The plugin is frequently updated with new functionality based on input from Genesis Club members.

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