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Henry Child Theme Highlights

  • Henry is a child theme by DIYwebmastery.
  • Henry is a modification of the Genesis News child theme by StudioPress
  • Henry is an HTML5 Genesis child theme built on Genesis 2.0
  • Henry is responsive
  • Henry is good for high content, affiliate marketing sites
  • Henry is shown here with the Genesis Club Pro plugin which is an optional purchase.

How To Use Henry

Henry is aimed at larger sites – or sites planning to become authority sites – with lots content, frequently added. This is because Henry provides plenty of room on the home page to show off post excerpts. To make best use of the theme you need to have a numerous categories of posts and a well-structured site.

There are many locations to place advertisements and Adsense blocks. You don’t have to use them all but they are there if you need them.


We have pre-configured the child theme with two menus – but you don’t have to have them both present. You can easily turn one or the other off, and we have placed the search box at the top of every page so that it is readily available to your site’s visitors.

Henry Is Built On HTML5

Henry uses HTML5 markup helping to future-proof your site. It has better cross-browser compatibility, and is mobile-friendlier! It includes native video and audio support and helps with your SEO.

Henry Is Responsive

The Henry child theme is responsive and displays well on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. You can see for yourself by viewing it here in this responsive test app.

Genesis Club Pro Plugin

In the demo we have also used our premium plugin The Genesis Club Pro plugin. The plugin provides the site with extra functionality. Please be aware that without the plugin, you will not have many of the features shown as standard. In Henry we have specifically made use of the slider on the home page which in this case, feeds from the featured images in posts. The slider is part of the Genesis Club Pro plugin.

Install WordPress Securely With Henry Pre-Configured

The Henry child theme, when Whooshed will include all the standard security and performance benefits of a hardened WordPress installation. It will also finish up perfectly formed and with dummy content for you to replace, making it much easier for you to get started with this child theme. Genesis Henry can be installed in under 60 seconds using WP Whoosh.

Genesis Child Theme Henry Color Scheme


HEX: #2C7F9C
RGB: 44,127,156


HEX: #E45B13
RGB: 228,91,19


RGB: 214,235,244


RGB: 252,251,250


RGB: 242,248,250


RGB: 249,202,180

Genesis Henry can be installed in under 60 seconds using WP Whoosh.

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