Genesis Christine

Christine is HTML5 and Genesis 2.0 ready.

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Christine Child Theme Highlights

  • A child theme by DIYwebmastery.
  • Is based on the Genesis Outreach child theme by StudioPress
  • Is an HTML5 Genesis child theme built on Genesis 2.0
  • Is responsive Genesis child theme
  • Is available in 9 colors
  • Is understated with one highlight color, and suits professional business web sites
  • Christine’s home page is constructed purely from posts, or pages. You will need sufficient content to approach the look of the demo site.
  • Pages within Christine are styled to have a left hand sidebar with the title of the page in the sidebar.
  • Christine is shown here with the Genesis Club Pro plugin. Without the plugin there will be no slider feature nor social bar.
  • Christine must be installed with the Genesis framework

How To Use Christine

You can change the background photo to suit your own needs. This is made easier by purchasing the Genesis Club plugin. Using the plugin you can set up different background images on different pages.

The theme works well with black and white images, or you can do as we have done and highlight colored areas in a predominantly black and white image.


The theme installs with a single menu either with or without drop-downs.

Christine Is Built On HTML5

Christine uses HTML5 markup which will help to make you site more search engine friendly. It has better cross-browser compatibility, and is also mobile-friendly.

Christine Is Responsive

The Christine child theme is responsive and is designed to display well on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. There is no need to to have a second mobile specific website.

Genesis Club Pro Plugin

In the demo we have also used our premium plugin The Genesis Club Pro plugin. The plugin provides the site with extra functionality. Please be aware that without the plugin, you will not have many of the features shown as standard If you decided to purchase the Genesis Club Pro plugin, it allows for easy placement of the backstretch image (amongst other useful functions).

Install WordPress/Christine Securely

If you’d like to install the Christine child theme for yourself or your clients, you can do so using WP Whoosh. WP Whoosh is a WordPress plugin that installs WordPress and Genesis themes (including the ones we create here), with all the standard security and performance benefits of a hardened WordPress installation.

You will also have a perfectly formed WordPress site as a result with dummy content for you to replace, making it much easier for you to get started with this child theme.

If you are a service provider who sells WordPress sites to others, Whoosh will increase your profit margins and allow you to demo completed sites within minutes of meeting a new client. Genesis Christine can be installed in a few minutes using WP Whoosh.

Genesis Child Theme Christine Color Scheme

Christine is a grey scale theme that has one highlight color. The theme comes with 9 highlight colors built-in. You can choose from the following :


HEX: #0066CC
RGB: 0,102,204


HEX: #CC0066
RGB: 204,0,102


HEX: #FF0099
RGB: 255,0,153


HEX: #9966CC
RGB: 153,102,204


HEX: #8DBD00
RGB: 141,189,0


HEX: #007D3E
RGB: 0,125,62


HEX: #FF663D
RGB: 255,102,61


HEX: #FF0033
RGB: 255,0,51

Genesis Christine , complete with dummy content can be installed in under 2 minutes, from start to finish using WP Whoosh.

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