Atahualpa on Desktop, iPad and iPhone

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Set up your new site on WordPress with the Atahualpa theme in under a minute. WP Whoosh will automatically lock it down securely and tune your site for performance and SEO giving you peace of mind. Please note that Atahualpa is NOT responsive.

Atahualpa is a very customizable and browser-safe theme which has had over a million downloads since 2007 and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Its features include:

  • Fixed or flexible width layout
  • Minimum and maximum width
  • Choose between zero and four sidebars per page
  • Custom widget areas
  • Import and Export styles
  • Color pickers
  • Over 200 option settings

The WP Whoosh version of Atahualpa which can be installed in under 60 seconds has the following attributes:

  • All standard WP Whoosh security, performance, SEO and time saving features.
  • Example left sidebar for topics menu, a tag cloud and Recent Posts
  • Example right sidebar widgets for Recent Comments, Twitter Updates and a Facebook Likebox
  • An custom widget area for the Footer Credits and Trademarks widgets

View Live Demo!  Get Whoosh Plugin!

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