Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Plugin

The Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger is no longer included in all Whoosh templates to prevent ping spam. The plugin ensured that posts are pinged only once on submission and not on every update. The plugin is not on the WordPress repository. Latest Update – January 2013 We retired this plugin from WP Whoosh as […]

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

The Maintenance Mode plugin is included in all Whoosh templates as a means to keep your site available to you but offline to visitors until you are ready to go live. The plugin has had over 750,000 downloads and it is rated 3.7 out of 5. The plugin has not been updated since October 2010 […]

WordPress SEO Plugin

The WordPress SEO plugin is included on the non-Genesis templates to manage all things SEO related. The plugin has had over 2.8 million downloads and it is rated 4.7 out of 5. Specifically WP Whoosh uses WordPress SEO to maintain the XML sitemaps for the site and to ensure the Privacy and Terms and Conditions […]

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

This plugin produces a Google XML sitemap in files sitemap.xml and a compressed version in sitemap.xml.gz It has had over 9 million downloads and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. At installation WPWhoosh creates empty writeable files with the above names so that the rest of the top level directory can remain read-only. […]

Genesis Club Lite Plugin

Genesis Club Lite is a WordPress plugin written for Genesis Club members to make it easier to add some features to your Genesis sites without having to get into PHP changes. The plugin is included with all the Genesis child theme based templates, and includes the following features: Logo uploader Place user signatures at the […]

Footer Putter Plugin

Footer Putter is a WordPress plugin which is included in the non-Genesis templates. Its purpose is to display a footer than improves the credibility of the site with both human users and search engines. Footer Putter creates a “footer sidebar” at the foot of the page into which you can place a “Footer Copyright Widget” […]