WP Whoosh Plugin

The WPWhoosh plugin is used primarily when logged in to administer the site; with its role being to install new sites.

It also has a remote administration feature which is used during the initial plugin configuration. We do plan to expand on the remote admin to add other features such as automatic plugin updates, backups, taking the site offline temporarily (maintenance mode), adding a user, resetting a user password, etc.

However, at this stage if you do not want to use your new site as a base to make more installations you can just deactivate this plugin after the installation.

To install a new site using WPWhoosh you follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fetch a WPWhoosh API Key
  2. Set up and verify your host by providing your cPanel URL, login and password
  3. Specify your site URL, choose the template, the host, and any configuration you want and save
  4. Run the checks to make sure the information is correct and your site URL actually exists on the host you have specified.
  5. Make sure you have enough WPWhoosh credits in your account
  6. Click to install WordPress securely and professional in less than a minute

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