Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Plugin

The Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger is no longer included in all Whoosh templates to prevent ping spam. The plugin ensured that posts are pinged only once on submission and not on every update. The plugin is not on the WordPress repository.

Latest Update – January 2013

We retired this plugin from WP Whoosh as it has not been updated for over a year and WordPress 3.0 has significantly improved the implementation of its pinging strategy so the risk of ping spam is much reduced. See the What About Edits? section of the article by David Pankhurst.

Chip Bennett has closed his Ping Optimizer on the WordPress repository as he believes there is no longer an issue with ping spam.

WordPress does however still generate ping requests on updates, although they do not go out immediately and they are de-duplicated. So if you want to be sure you do not send out pings on updates then you still need a Ping Optimizer plugin such as WordPress Ping Optimizer or MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer.

We will add a feature in the next release of WP Whoosh so you can add some optional plugins to the installation. This will include a Ping Optimizer plugin.

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