Genesis Club Lite Plugin

Genesis Club Lite is a WordPress plugin written for Genesis Club members to make it easier to add some features to your Genesis sites without having to get into PHP changes.

The plugin is included with all the Genesis child theme based templates, and includes the following features:

  • Logo uploader
  • Place user signatures at the foot of each post
  • Replace the “Read More” text on post excerpts
  • Replace the “Speak Your Mind” text above the comments box
  • Hide pages or posts from the Genesis 404 page sitemap
  • Change the Facebook Likebox Background Color

Display Functions

More features will be added here over time. Make suggestions at the next Genesis Club Webinar.

Logo Uploader

If you want to replace the text in the title by a responsive logo then just upload the logo and then supply the URL.

User Profile Signatures

Each author on your site can upload a signature that appears on the foot of each of their posts. You can also choose either hide or show the signatures on specific posts and pages.


If you use post excerpts on your archive pages then Genesis sets a default read more of […]. The plugin allows you to replace this with text of your choice.

The plugin also allows you to replace the text that appears before the comments box, Speak Your Mind with text of your choice.

Facebook LikeBox Background Color

Facebook only allows you to set a ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ Background. This feature allows you to set a specific color that matches your sidebar background exactly.

Home Page Big Image

Some Genesis child themes such as “Minimum feature a big image (1600 x 600px) on the home page. The Genesis Club plugin allows you to specify whether this image is located in the theme images folder, the media library or on an external URL such as Amazon S3 or a CDN.

Genesis Club Pro For Responsive Sites

You can upgrade to Genesis Club Pro for priority support, a responsive layer sliders,a responsive floating social panel, a responsive top bar and an accordion FAQ feature..

Speak Your Mind