Footer Putter Plugin

Footer Putter is a WordPress plugin which is included in the non-Genesis templates.

Its purpose is to display a footer than improves the credibility of the site with both human users and search engines.

Footer Putter creates a “footer sidebar” at the foot of the page into which you can place a “Footer Copyright Widget” and a “Trademarks Widget”

Example of Footer Putter in action

Footer Copyright Widget

The Footer Copyright Widget can show:

  • Return To Top link
  • Footer Menu – typically with links to Contact, Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages
  • Copyright statement with year range
  • Contact Telephone numbers
  • Postal address of business or site owner

The widget can either be centred on a single line or displayed with the Return To Top link on the left and the rest on the right but spread over multiple lines.

Trademarks Widget

This widget displays a number of image links based on a link category.

For WPWhooshed sites the link category is “TradeMarks” and each link is associated with a trademark image.

All you need to do is replace the sample trademarks by the real trademarks that are applicable to your site by editing the links.

Supported Themes

It should be possible to use this plugin with any theme: it is just a matter of choosing where to add the footer.

Check out our Footer Credits Theme Specific Hook Recommendations.


  1. Thanks for the plugin. It’s simple to use. However, I am not able to make the background color of the footer black. Any suggestion? Since the site is online there isn’t much space for me to play around anymore 🙂 and I am not an HTML code writer either.

  2. When I try to add a trademark in the footer putter using a Vantage theme all that is added is the link to where the Trademark is located. How do I add the actual linkable graphic that goes with it? I have followed the instructions for adding a trademark graphic to the footer putter multiple times.What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mark,

      Here are some things to check.

      When you edit your link, having you filled in the Image Address field in the Advanced section? Does that URL exist? What is the URL of your page?

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