Payment FAQ

How Much Does WP Whoosh Cost?

We have pricing plans for those who will only install one or two sites, and for those who want to install many sites. WP Whoosh offers peace of mind and a good quality installation that you can do by yourself without technical knowledge for a reasonable price.

What Are Credits?

To use WP Whoosh you need to fund your Whoosh account with credits.

The price of credits depends on how many you buy. The price goes down if you buy more than one credit at a time. Credits are used to buy Whooshes (installations) of themes you buy on this site or themes you already own. (Note some themes are free).

Why Do Some Themes Cost More Than Others?

Some themes are free, so you’d only pay to Whoosh them (install them). Other themes are not free and so you would buy those for their advertised price in USD from us, in the case of our premium themes, or from StudioPress in the case of all Genesis theme.

Can I Buy A Theme Once And Install It Several Times?

Yes. If you buy a theme from us, of from StudioPress, you can Whoosh it (install it) as many times as you wish onto domains you own, or onto your client domains. This means you can select one of our bespoke templates (more coming) and buy it once, then Whoosh it repeatedly for your customers.