Key Facts

Here are some vital facts about WP Whoosh that you need to grasp before you start using it.

  1. WP Whoosh Creates New WordPress Sites

    WP Whoosh will help you get a new WordPress site installed. At present, it cannot help you change, improve nor enhance an existing WordPress or HTML site.

  2. How WP Whoosh Works

    WP Whoosh is a WordPress plugin so before it can do anything, like any other WordPress plugin, you must install it on a WordPress site.

    It doesn’t matter what this initial WordPress site looks like. It can be your own blog, or a special site you set up just for this purpose. Once Whoosh is installed, you use the plugin to build a new, separate WordPress site based on one of the Whoosh templates.

    The site on which the plugin is installed is not affected in any way, nor does it play any part in the site build other than to provide a place for the Whoosh plugin to live.

    This means that if you don’t have an existing WordPress site you must either install one (any one, installed by any means will do), or ask us to install one for you. Once that is done, you can install the WP Whoosh plugin onto it, and use it to build as many new and professional WordPress websites based on our templates, as you like.

  3. Is WP Whoosh Right For Me?
  4. Use our Whoosh eligibility checker to find out.