How To Get An API Key

The API key is requested from the same admin page on your WordPress site where you need to save the API Key. Handy or what?

How To Request An API Key

Log in as an administrator on your site and navigate to WPWhoosh | API Key.

Fill in the form on the right hand side of the page with your name and email address. There fields will be filled in automatically from your WordPress settings however you can change them if you prefer.

Then click the “Get An API Key” button.

You will receive an email asking you to click a link to confirm the email address. Once doing this you receive a further email with your API key.

Saving Your API Key

Copy and paste your API key from the email into the form field and press the Save Changes button. A green tick will appear if you API key has been validated; a red cross will appear if it has not been recognized.

Also shown on the page are the number of credits available and when they are due to expire.

Your API key is unique to you and it a bit like a bank account number in that it identifies the account in which your WPWhoosh credits are held. So please do not share it with anyone else unless you want them to be able to use your credits for their installations.

Installing your API Key On Your Other Sites

You can install your API key on other sites but you need to register these domains first.

This is a security measure so we and you both know on which domains your API key is being used.

You will need your PIN to register additional domains.