How Do I Get Started?

So you want to start using WP Whoosh? Brilliant! Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Get Clear

    WP Whoosh will help you get a new WordPress site installed. At present, it cannot help you change an existing site.

  2. Understand How WP Whoosh Works

    WP Whoosh is a WordPress plugin so before you can use it, you must install it on a WordPress site.

    It doesn’t matter what this initial WordPress site looks like. It can be your own blog, or a special site you set up just for this purpose. Next you can use the plugin to build a new, separate WordPress site based on one of the Whoosh templates. The site on which the plugin is installed is not affected in any way, nor does it play any part in the site build other than to provide a place for the Whoosh plugin to live.

    This means that if you don’t have an existing WordPress site you must either install one (any one will do), or ask us to install one for you. Once that is done, you can install the WP Whoosh plugin onto it, and use it to build as many new and professional WordPress websites based on our templates, as you like.

  3. Get Suitable Hosting

    WP Whoosh requires standard cPanel hosting in order to work. A suitable hosting account, set up and ready to use is a pre-requisite to use WP Whoosh

    We recommend Hostgator and you can use one of the following discount coupons if you want to set up a Hostagtor hosting account.

    For 25% off every month that you pre-pay, use : WPWHOOSH25
    For $9.94 off your first month use : WPWHOOSH994

  4. Get A Domain Name

    Purchase a domain name from Namecheap or GoDaddy or some other suitable registrar.

  5. Set DNS

    Set the Domain Name Servers (DNS) up on your domain name, so that your domain name is associated with your hosting account. Once this is done you do need to give the DNS time to propagate before you attempt to use WP Whoosh. This can be anything up to 48 hours.

  6. Locate A Seed WordPress Site
  7. WP Whoosh needs an initial WordPress site to get you started. On other words you need a WordPress site in order to build more WordPress sites.

    If you have an existing WordPress site on your hosting account you can use this site to install WP Whoosh on this site. If you don’t, you can ask us to install an initial site for you. We provide a service to do this. Once this is done, creating new sites with WP Whoosh is easy.

  8. Install The WP Whoosh Plugin

    On your hosting account, install the WP Whoosh plugin on any existing WordPress site. You can install the plugin by searching for WP Whoosh in the add plugin screen on the WordPress dashboard. The plugin is in the WordPress repository and is free to install. You only pay after you have installed it.

    If this is a new hosting account and you have no existing WordPress site then you can either install WordPress manually yourself, or we can do it for you.

  9. Apply For Your API Key

    Once the plugin is installed, follow the instructions inthe plugin’s dashboard to receive and enter your Whoosh API key.

    This is your account number with Whoosh and once you have an API key you should use it on any Whoosh plugin you install and are responsible for.

  10. Set Up Your Secret Number

    This is your PIN or secret number. It is known only to you and comprises between 4 and 8 digits. Follow the instructions in the plugin’s dashboard to set one up.

  11. Buy Genesis Pro Pack

    If you do not already own the Genesis Pro Pack, use our link to buy it and after your purchase has been validated (usually 30 days) you will be eligible for a bonus.

    Note – if you do not want to buy the Pro Pack you can still have us install a single template for you (using our done for you service), or just use one of the free themes that we have available inside the plugin.

  12. If already own the Genesis Pro Pack, or if you’ve just bought it, verify it here and we’ll include all the Genesis vanilla templates in your WP Whoosh plugin.