WP Whoosh Is Smart

WP Whoosh does a number of the activities you normally perform after installing WordPress so you don’t have to. It’s a helpful install that will save you time – somewhere between 15 minutes and 120 minutes depending on your requirements.

Standard Pages

We include standard pages like contact, terms and privacy which you can tweak to suit yourself after the installation is complete. The business name, or site owner name, address, contact email, legal jurisdiction can be automatically included into these pages. For SEO reasons these pages are automatically set up as nofollow/noarchive with the Privacy and Terms pages also noindex.

Footer Menu

A footer menu is automatically created with menu items for the contact, privacy and terms pages. This menu is used by the Footer widget. All menu links are set up as rel=nofollow for SEO reasons.

Site Copyright

WPWhoosh is bundled with either the Footer Putter plugin or the Genesis Club Plugin (for Genesis users). This has a footer widget which creates a typical footer containing a footer menu, copyright statement and the business telephone and address details. Many SEOs believe the presence of this type of footer is one of the factor’s that Google takes into consideration when ranking a site.

Trademarks Widgets

WPWhoosh is bundled with either the Footer Putter plugin or the Genesis Club Plugin (for Genesis users). This also has a trademarks widget which creates a full width footer of trademarks, Trust Marks, kitemarks, etc that is defined in the WordPress Links section. All you need to do is replace the sample links by the real links you want to display on your site. The presence of these trust marks adds to its credibility of both your site and your business and may, in some niches, may have be a significant influencing factor or whether your site visitors become customers.

Standard Plugins

We automatically include a few standard plugins that we reckon are useful on almost all your sites. You can find out a bit more about each plugin by following the links below.

Security Related Plugins

  • Akismet – protect your site from comment spam
  • Really Simple Captcha – captcha for contact form to reduce form spam
  • WP DB Backup – set up for daily database backups
  • Wordfence Security – set up to protect the site from attack and to detect if it has been hacked
  • WP Whoosh – required if you want to able to whoosh new sites from the site with good security and performance from the start. Also helps if you want to focus on the Genesis framework.

Performance Related Plugins

  • Revision Control – limit the number of versions of each page and post we keep in the database
  • WP Super Cache – this needs to be configured properly, but guess what – it is when you Whoosh!
  • Also we advise the additional use of Incapsula alongside this plugin, to make your site really fast. They have a free version, or if you also want hacker protection you can go for their business level protection.

SEO Related Plugins

  • WordPress SEO – automatically configured to tell Google not to index certain pages. This plugin is rpre-configured for you for maximum SEO benefit.

Utility Plugins

  • Footer Putter – displays copyright and trademarks in the footer – for non Genesis templates
  • Genesis Club Lite – various cool widgets – exclusively for Genesis templates. Or if you want a lot more functionality there is Genesis Club PRO
  • Contact Form 7 – simple contact form
  • Jetpack – for site stats, social media widgets and custom CSS – you need to hook this up to you own WordPress account AFTER the installation.
  • Maintenance Mode – activate this plugin and set Maintenance Mode to prevent visitors and search engines from visiting your site while you replace the dummy content on your new site by real content. Deactivate maintenance mode where you want to go live.

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