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WP Whoosh with basic performance issues on your website, true, but it also improves your efficiency when you install any of our pre-configured templates!

Your Performance

Any of our templates can be bought and installed within minutes. And many of the humdrum tasks you need to fulfil on WordPress are already done for you.

Website Performance

WordPress is a great piece of software, but it requires a lot of Javascript, CSS and other code to work. The more you add to it, the more you weigh it down, and now Google judges each website on how quickly it loads in order to access its quality.

This is another set of options that we build into your .htaccess file. We implement gzip compression.

For static content such as images, videos, audios, stylesheets, javascripts and documents, we set up appropriate expiration dates so that browsers can cache files for an appropriate period. This means that the second visit to a page your visitor will get a much faster response.

Permalink For Performance And SEO

We advise on your permalink choice so your SEO will be improved and your post lookup will be as fast as possible.

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Liz is a WordPress trainer and web developer. She is the co-developer of WP Whoosh.

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