WP Whoosh Is Easy

WP Whoosh is extremely easy to use. There’s no thinking required on your part as we’ve done it all for you. All you do is complete a form and press a few buttons. Then Whoosh! Your WordPress site appears!

Now you can install WordPress professinally yourself, or outsource pro WordPress installs to your largely non-technical virtual assistant!

So Easy Anyone Can Do It

Although it’s very easy to install WordPress with a free tool like Fantastico, you still have a lot of work to do afterwards and not everyone knows what to do. Because the tasks are quite technical most people just don’t bother! With WPWhoosh, this is all done for you making the whole process so simple your grand-mother could do it.

Standard Plugins

After any WordPress installation, you also need to install some basic plugins that are pretty much required for any WordPress site. By using WPWhoosh you get our recommended list of plugins installed on your new site as a given and where possible, there are configured for you too. This is doubly good as you get the plugins installed and they are plugins we believe to be reliable and stable at the time of installation.

Very Little Fuss

You don’t need to log into cPanel on your hosting account at all. All you need to do buy your domain name from your usual domain name provider – we use Namecheap – and then point the domain at the names servers provided to you by your host.

After that, you are ready to Whoosh the site into existence.

Whoosh Is Fast

Once you complete all the details, and perform a quick check, it should take less than 60 seconds to build your site.

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Liz is a WordPress trainer and web developer. She is the co-developer of WP Whoosh.

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