What Is WP Whoosh?

With WP Whoosh, we’ve tried to bring you our WordPress site creation and installation expertise, condensed into a plugin.

This does not mean you can build any site you like with Whoosh, but it does mean that we can provide templates that you can use to quickly build and properly install, well-constructed WordPress sites, most of which are based on the Genesis framework from StudioPress. To use the plugin you just need to meet these requirements.

Why We Specialize On Genesis?

Genesis is what we use for all the web sites we build for ourselves and our clients. It represents exceptional value for money as once you have invested in the Genesis Pro Plus Pack, as you get the current set of over 40 child themes and all the child themes StudioPress ever make in the future for one fixed price.

Further, you’ll be able to Whoosh (install using the plugin) any of the child themes, pre-configured and pre-filled with dummy content at no further cost to you other than the price of a Whoosh.

Whoosh Templates

Right now there are only a few bespoke templates included in Whoosh. However, we are going to design the templates that our users suggest and make them available inside Whoosh for everyone to buy and use. There are two ways you can ask us for a bespoke template design.

  1. The first way is to make a suggestion and if we see that similar suggestions are being made, we will implement the design. This is a free way to influence the templates we build.
  2. The second way is to fund a layout. You tell us what you need and if we think the layout will be useful to Whoosh users, we’ll ask you to pay towards the layout design and build. How much we quote you will be based on how long it will take to create the layout. Contact us to describe your layout.

WordPress Installation

Normally most people install WordPress using a script like Fantastico or even the manual, famous, 5 minute install.

If you install using these methods, there are some further things to do that most people don’t do. These extra steps help to ensure your site starts off more securely, and also help with performance. However the extra steps are tedious to do and if you are not a technician, may seem a bit long-winded.

WP Whoosh does these extra steps – you don’t even have to log into cPanel, thereby saving you time, and delivering a more secure and better performing WordPress installation at a click of a button.

So What Do You Get?

Assuming you are installing one of our Genesis bespoke designs, you’ll get all of the following :

  1. Latest version of WordPress – whatever that is – at the time you install.
  2. You can choose to install any of the responsive Genesis child themes we have made available (if you have verified your Genesis license)
  3. If you are not a Genesis user you can choose any one of a dozen or so popular free themes.
  4. A small selection of plugins we’ve chosen aimed at security, performance, SEO and efficiency, pre-installed.
  5. Dummy content that you can replace with your own
  6. WordPress settings configured for performance and security
  7. An .htaccess file optimized for best performance and security
  8. A robots.txt as recommended by WordPress (or by Yoast if we install his WordPress SEO plugin)
  9. Writeable Google XML sitemaps file for easier indexing by Google set up securely
  10. Standard pages such as Contact Us, Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Statement
  11. All I’m a new WordPress site tell-tale signs removed such as the uncategorized category, powered by footer messages
  12. Clean-up of system files after the installation.
  13. Footer that boosts the credibility of your site with search engines and humans
  14. If you’ve installed one of the vanilla Genesis child themes, or one of our bespoke Genesis child themes, you’ll also get the Genesis Club plugin – a plugin that is updated at least once per month with the latest functionality suggestions from Genesis Club members.

.. and all whooshed onto your standard cPanel host in under a minute.

The famous 5 minute WordPress installation just got faster. And a lot better. And more fun.

Specify a URL, choose your template and your host, fill in a few values then click to install. And the job’s done.

Nice work!

So what does a whooshed site look like? Well, it looks great on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

See for yourself. “Michele” whooshed