General FAQ

What Exactly Is WP Whoosh?

WP Whoosh is a WordPress plugin. If you install it on your site, it will allow you to install WordPress at another location. It creates a professional, secure installation of WordPress, tuned for good performance, and all done in under 60 seconds.

Can I Use WP Whoosh To Install A Site On My Host?

WP Whoosh works for Apache hosts that have a standard cPanel. That is in fact how most people host WordPress. GoDaddy is a notable exception.

Which Hosts Does WP Whoosh Work On?

We haven’t got an exhaustive list, but here is a link to the ones we’ve tested so far.

Why Should I Use WP Whoosh?

Whoosh will help you install WordPress securely and allow you to set it up so you get a better performing website. Whoosh will get you started properly and help you on the way to a more secure and faster WordPress website. It can only get you started – you still have to look after your site so that it stays safe and performs well.

Why Did You Create WP Whoosh?

It is all about saving time – we used to spend around an hour on every new site: in cPanel, myPhpAdmin setting up a secure user name and password, on WordPress setting up the same old plugins, then configuring .htaccess and “hardening” WordPress and finally adding the standard privacy, terms and contact pages and configuring some social media widgets. Now all we need to do is choose a template and then whoosh it and we get our starting point for any new site in just a minute.

Which WordPress Theme Does WP Whoosh Install

Whoosh installs WordPress with the theme of your choice from a drop-down list of themes. We have a number of popular free themes available.

However we also offer many of the Genesis themes from Studiopress as well as our own premium Genesis themes. To use (or in the case of our premium themes, buy) these you will have to show us that you are a Pro-Plus All Theme Package Genesis licence holder or at least hold the Genesis license for the StudioPress theme you wish to install.

If you choose to buy the Pro Plus pack through our link, we will reward you with a bonus.

Is There A Guarantee?

If for whatever reason your site does not install properly, then we will refund you your credit. We can ask our system to check if your installation worked so you just have to let us know and we’ll look into it. You must be on a cPanel host.