WPWhoosh is a WordPress Plugin that helps you get your WordPress site installed quickly and securely.

The developers of WPWhoosh are Russell and Elizabeth Jamieson of

It was written in response our clients who had problems with the technical set up of WordPress; the DNS setup, the database setup, cPanel snow-blindness, the folder security, the .htaccess file, robots.txt, Google XML site maps, and the “SALTs” (of the earth) in the WordPress config file and choosing a good WordPress theme and a set of functional but secure plugins.

WPWhoosh solves all these challenges with a click of a button. Nice!

Liz and Russell run an online business creating websites using WordPress, training others to become web designers with WordPress, creating membership sites and building useful WordPress plugins. WPWhoosh is the latest WordPress plugin to bolt from the DIYWebmastery stable.