Credits Explained

WP Whoosh allows you to build a pre-configured WordPress site easily, quickly and securely on a normally configured host.

We charge 1 credit for each installation whether it uses a Free Template such as TwentyTwelve or Responsive, or one our premium Whoosh templates.

Free templates will just appear in your profile – premium templates will only appear after you buy them.

Whoosh Credits Cannot Be Banked – They Expire – Use Them Or Lose Them

When you buy Pay As You Go Credits they are valid for 1 Year and then expire. Pay As You Go is appropriate for users the occasionally build web sites

When you buy Subscription Credits at a much lower rate, they are valid for 1 month and then expire. Subscriptions are appropriate if you are building at least one site every month.

Why Do We Make Credits Expire?

By making credits expire we can offer them at a discount of over 60% to our customers that use Whoosh for more than just the occasional site. This rewards both regular Whooshers and those that have irregular bursts of high activity with Whoosh.

Whoosh Pay As You Go

Most users who “pay as you go” will typically buy credits and use them immediately so the expiry is not an issue. A Whoosh credit is used for each installation until they are all used up or the credits expire after 1 year.

Whoosh Subscriptions

Subscribing users who pay monthly will receive credits regularly at a significantly cheaper rate (up to 85% discount) each month but will NOT be able to carry credit over to the following month. The credits get debited for each installation until they are all used up or the end of the month the balance is reset back to zero.