How To Edit A Host

First choose the host you want to edit. Next enter the following 3 fields carefully and correctly: The cPanel URL – this will typically end in :2083. This uses port 2083 which is a secure port and hence HTTPS will be used. 2082 is an insecure port and hence you data can be sniffed. IF […]

How Do I Change The Featured Home Page Image On Genesis Minimum Child Themes?

Minimum and its derivatives have a large image on the home page. You can see an example screenshot of our Brian theme with an image we’ve uploaded onto the home page. You will need to change this image out, if you are using any of our premium Minimum theme modifications like Brian, Michele, Lydia, Valerie, […]

Whooshing A Brand New Client Site

Here we look at using Whoosh from the perspective of a website designer who is a building a brand new site for a client who has no site already in place. Reseller Hosting Set-Up Let’s assume you have a dedicated, VPS or reseller hosting account and in line with best security practices you set up […]

Whooshing A Replacement Site For A New Client

Here we look at using Whoosh from the perspective of a website designer who is a building a new site for a client who already has a site. The idea is to Whoosh the site under a temporary URL, add the client content and once the client approves the site then switch it over from […]

How To Archive A Site

Once a site has been deployed then you can remove it from the panel using the Archive link. This changes the status of the record from Live to Archive and hence unclutters the list of current sites. You can then remove the site entirely form the panel by clicking on the Remove Link when you […]

How To Remove A Site

You can remove a site from the panel on the Sites page if it not Live, it has not yet been deployed. If the site has been deployed then you need to Archive the site first and then Remove it. Note that the Remove and Archive functions only operate on entries in the panel, they […]

How To Delete A Site

Occasionally you will want to delete a site, and you can do this with Whoosh only if it is a site that you first installed with Whoosh. Normally you will want to use this option if the site was always meant to be temporary. Maybe you want to show a client 5 different designs and […]

How To Install A Site

Once a site has passed all the checks it is ready for installation. Just click the use credits and install button. The installation will typically take a bit less than a minute. When the installation completes you will see a message indicating that the site has been installed successfully with a link to the site. […]

How To Set Up DNS For Your New Domain

IMPORTANT: for Whoosh to work you need to have pointed the domain where you want to install the site at your host. You can use one of two methods: At your domain registrar where you bought the domain, set the name servers for your domain to be the name servers allocated to your host account […]

How To Check A Site

To check a site click the check button. If everything has been set up correctly, then you will get a green tick in around 10 seconds. Typically if the cPanel details are incorrect or the DNS is not set up correctly or cannot be setup then the Check will inform you that the site can […]