Using Whoosh For Improved WordPress SEO

Whoosh addresses SEO though its choice of theme and the installed plugins: either we are using the SEO facilities within the Genesis framework or instead we install the WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast for non Genesis templates.

Typically you will not have to change any settings after installation other than making your site visible to the search engines by changing the site privacy settings once you have added some real content to the site.

XML Sitemaps

For non Genesis templates we use WordPress SEO to set up XML sitemaps. For Genesis templates we set up the Google Sitemap Generator plugin to produce the sitemap. In either case, Whoosh generates a robots.txt that refers to the sitemap.

Nofollow Links In The Footer

We set up a standard footer in each template that Google likes as it demonstrates the site is for a real business: with up to date copyright statement, and the contact details for the site. All links in the footer as set up as rel=”nofollow” as we want to indicate to Google that standard pages such as the Privacy statement, Terms Of Use and Contact Us are not the most important on the site, even though they are linked to by every page

Screenshot for entering Footer copyright info

NoIndex, NoArchive Pages

The Whoosh template comes with a standard Privacy Statement and Terms Of Use page for you to modify as you see fit. These pages are set up with meta tags noindex and noarchive as you typically do not want these to appear in search results.

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