Using Whoosh For Improved WordPress Security

Whoosh gives you improved WordPress security out of the box – there is not much you need to do to benefit from all its security features other than the following.

Choose A Strong Admin Username

Choose something memorable but not guessable. For example, if you want your display name, the name appears as your public author name, to be Elizabeth, then you could choose a username like beth8182 or liz5346.

Most hackers or bots trying to access your site will try elizabeth as the username so by choosing a different username you make it twice as difficult for them to break into your site by brute force as they have to guess both the username and password.

Screenshot of choosing an admin username

Database Security

Leave the database name, database username and password blank to have WP Whoosh choose secure values for these.

Wordfence Security

Whoosh sets up your site to benefit from the Wordfence Security plugin using their high security settings with a few tweaks. Wordfence will limit the frequency of brute force password attacks and hence make this method a non viable method of breaking into your site. Click to find out more about Wordfence

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