Using Whoosh For Improved WordPress Performance

Whoosh gives you improved WordPress performance out of the box. It does this by making sure that files are not downloaded unnecessarily often and that files are compressed for faster download speeds.

You will also find that your WordPress admin dashboard runs much much faster and this will make you more efficient when editing and saving posts.

Revision Control

Whoosh is pre-configured with the Revision Control plugin so that it only keep two versions of all your posts and pages and hence your site’s database does not fill up with old data that you never want to access. This helps with database performance. After installation you can of course change the Revision Control settings to save more revisions if you prefer to keep more than two copies.

WordPress Permalinks

By default Whoosh uses the /%post_id%/%postname% permalink setting which makes post retrieval faster.

However, if your site is not large you can happily change this to /%postname% or /%category%/%postname% which are a little bit more user and SEO friendly at the cost of a slight loss in performance. You can change this setting when you whoosh the site.

Screenshot for updating permalink structure

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