Using Whoosh As A Huge Timesaver

Whoosh saves you a lot of time by setting up the add-on domain, subdomain or parked domain on your host, creating a secure database name, user name and password, installing the latest WordPress, installing a theme and configuring it for security and SEO, installing and configuring a dozen really useful plugins, creating some useful pages you need on most sites and adding a footer that adds credibility to your site with users and search engines. And then tuning the site for security and performance. None of this requires any special configuration.

But what else can it do?

One thing it can do is add some social media widgets: a Facebook Likebox and feed of your recent tweets.

To do this just enter your Facebook URL and Twitter name in the Social Media tab.

Screenshot of Social Media set up on Whoosh

We use the JetPack plugin to create the Facebook and Twitter widgets so you will need to connect JetPack to on your new site to activate it in order for these widgets to work.

Our Genesis based templates include the Simple Social Icons plugin. which provides links to Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, YouTube and a RSS feed. Some of these templates also have a Twitter icon on the feed.

With WP Whoosh you enter your social media details once and the Whoosh will put them in the theme and plugin settings where they are required so you don’t have to.

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