The Team Has Flu

Determined to update this blog with progress as often as I can, today’s update is that we are a small development team of two people and we’re both ill!

Some relatives came to stay at Christmas from Scotland and brought a nasty bug with them. The main worry for me is that I don’t pass it onto my elderly mum – it would be disastrous for her. Old people are very vulnerable and she would end up in hospital.

We hoped to release the plugin on the WordPress repository today – now that we have the go ahead – but the flu bug we’ve both caught has stopped us in our tracks.

We just held a meeting but the talking has made my throat even more sore. Basically we are using the downtime to plan the next phase of the development.

These are the ideas we have come up with

  • Whoosh Renew – auto update plugins
  • Whoosh Makeover – restyle your site with one of our designs
  • Whoosh Tune-Up – Add our security and performance enhancements to an existing WordPress site
  • Whoosh Custom – Add your own template to Whoosh

Right – I’m off to bed. Russell is feeling a bit better today so will carry on with the enhancements to the integration with InfusionSoft. We need to be able to charge USD for the templates and credits for the Whooshes – this is a change to our previous pricing plan.

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Liz is a WordPress trainer and web developer. She is the co-developer of WP Whoosh.


  1. What a pleasant surprise to see your face in the author box, Liz – I followed Russell’s comment at TGC and here we are.

    Love the “whoosh” idea behind this site; brilliant!

    Hope you feel better…

    • Hi Ana – the flu was bad! I managed to also get the Norovirus.

      That put us back a couple fo weeks as I’d planned to do a whole lot over the period between Christmas and New Year. We’re almost there now and I hope to show you a demo of the product soon.

      • Liz,

        Norovirus? I thought you said you had Norton Anti-virus. I did wonder why you were laid up in bed.

        I did not suffer so much, just had Avast headache.

        But I took a couple of pills, And Whoosh! Everything was fine again.

        Been working too long today; Genesis Child themes, News, Magazine, Outreach, Decor and Quattro are all in the pipeline, along with updates to the Genesis Club plugin for automatic generation of thumbnails for externally hosted images, a favicon uploader, and enhanced trademark management that allows Javascript based trademarks as well as the existing simple image links.

  2. You are very clever, and hilarious.

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