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Beach with 2012 leaving and 2013 coming
Happy New Year
It’s New Year’s Eve. We’ve been working on the Whoosh service and WordPress plugin for many months, and finally we are getting ready to launch properly.

We hoped it would be sooner than this, but when we submitted the plugin to WordPress they initially said that our README.TXT file wasn’t detailed enough, and that we should improve it.

Russell re-wrote the README and re-submitted the plugin, and then they went quiet – but this was by now the Christmas period, so we didn’t expect much. Christmas came and went and still no news from WordPress. Next we emailed them to ask if they’d made a decision, and they wrote back saying that plugin was unusual and that is why it has taken longer to process, but that now they were happy to add it to the repository!

Well that’s great news. But guess what? We both came down with the flu. Right now we are finishing off with some video tutorials and then we will soon be ready to launch. Watch this space.

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Liz is a WordPress trainer and web developer. She is the co-developer of WP Whoosh.

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