Benefits For Online Marketers

If You Run And Build Many WordPress Sites

Either you are an online marketer or you sell site services to online marketers. So you could be a web designer, a virtual assistant, or a provider of business services.

You may use outsourcers to build WordPress sites for clients, where you manage the outsourcer and act as the client interface. It is not viable for you to use expensive web designers as this eats away at your profit margins, or more likely blows them altogether. WP Whoosh can be of huge benefit to you.

You would make a decision to standardize on the Genesis Framework, and purchase (if you haven’t already), the Genesis Pro Plus Pack.

If you need a template that we don’t yet provide (and at the time of writing this we have not yet uploaded many templates), then contact us and depending on what you need, we’ll quote you a reasonable price to add a template that suits your needs to WP Whoosh.

Once the template is in Whoosh you can use it as many times as you like for your clients.

WP Whoosh offers you four key benefits:

1. Saves You Time

WP Whoosh, once installed on one of your existing WordPress sites will enable you to build new sites fast. Use one of our templates and get a site up and running in under a minute. That leaves you plenty of time to tweak it to suit your needs or to your market.

2. Provides Effortless Installation Fixes

You can relax now knowing you don’t have to do anything on your new site install to address the usual security and performance issues that WordPress leaves behind. The site you get will have all the security fixes already done, so no need to get into the .htaccess files or make changes to the WordPress SQL database.

Instead you can get on with the important job of adding your content to the new site and tick the tedium of a great WordPress install off your list.

As with security you don’t have to sort out any of the performance enhancements that are normally required on a new WordPress installation. These have already been done for you. Now you’ve even more time to concentrate on content.

3. Allows For Headache Free Outsourcing

Because Whoosh is so easy to use, you can teach a VA or non-technical person on your staff (using our videos and training) to do the WordPress installation task for you. You don’t need to go to oDesk or eLance or trawl through a bunch of gigs on Fiverr in the hope you’ll find someone who knows what they’re doing.

And you won’t have to make them learn all the technical stuff as we’ve included this in what we do for you.

You’ll only need to hire a technical outsourcer if you have something additional to do to the sites you build with WP Whoosh.

5. Expands Your Horizons With Template Development Requests

If we don’t have a template to suit your new site layout, tell us what you need. We’ll quote you a price to develop it as a Genesis child theme for your non-exclusive use. Life has just become a lot easier.