Benefits For Beginners

If You’re A WordPress Beginner

Maybe you are considering your very first WordPress website. Or maybe you have a few WordPress sites already but you feel out of control and not really sure how to get the best out of them.

Quality Web Services Are Expensive

As web designers and web developers we create simple WordPress sites for clients like you frequently. By the time we’ve held the meetings, understood what the client wants, sourced some graphics, helped the client get a logo, built the site, provided the client with some training to help them do their on page SEO effectively, taught some HTML, set up some extra plugins and answered all their questions, the client won’t see much change out of $3000.

The Solution

We’ve never believed in building a site and leaving the client to just get on with it. But this amount of personal attention is expensive. $3000 is a lot of money when you are just starting out.

That was one of the reasons we built the WP Whoosh plugin and started the Genesis Club.

There will always be people who want the personal attention and are able to pay for it. But for everyone else we still wanted to provide an affordable but high quality solution.

WP Whoosh allows for the re-use of designs that we’ve already made. Right now, as I type this, we haven’t added all the templates to WP Whoosh, but this will change over the next few weeks.

How Whoosh Can Help

1. Prevents Technical Anxiety

You may have delayed getting your first WordPress site up and running for fear of somehow getting it wrong, or perhaps you’ve got a site but it’s been hacked or has not worked well for you in some other way. Now you can confidently build your first site in the knowledge that you’ll get one that works.

2. Gets You Started Confidently And Fast

Not only are the initial security and performance issues addressed, but also your WordPress site will have the most essential plugins already pre-installed, widgets in the right places ready for you to explore and benefit from this advanced starting point, rather than having to set up yourself form scratch – possibly incorrectly.

3. Provides An Upgrade Path To The Genesis Club

To complete the picture if you need extra support to get started you can join the Genesis Club where for a monthly subscription you will receive group coaching and guidance to help you grow both your site content and and its audience.

You could buy your Genesis licenses, buy one of our Whoosh templates, build your site with WP Whoosh and join AND be a member of the Genesis Club for 3 months for less that you’d pay most good web designers to build you a simple site while giving you no training and no further help with it, whatsoever.

4. Enables You To Help Others

When someone you know – a friend or family member – wants to set up a new WordPress site, you can easily use your Whoosh facility to do it for them. It’ll only take you a few minutes and they’ll get a solid WordPress site with none of the problems associated with having to do everything yourself. Or you can become an affiliate for Whoosh and earn an additional income from the Whoosh sales you help to make.