Thank you for your interest in the WP Whoosh Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Terms In Plain English

  1. The affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn one-time commission for single purchases as well as ongoing commission for as long as the people you introduce remain as paying members.
  2. All commission payments are made in US dollars using PayPal.
  3. Commission is paid at the end of the following month. For example, a sale made in March is paid at the end of April.
  4. Commission is paid subject to a minimum payment of $50. For example, if you are earning $25 per month in commission this means you would be paid $50 every 2 months. If you are earning $60 per month in commission then you would be paid $60 each month.
  5. You will not receive any commission on sales where the user has subsequently been refunded. This may be done through a clawback based on the timing of the refund.
  6. The affiliate program is operated under our DIYWebmastery brand and is operated by our legal entity Purple Parasol Ltd.
  7. To join the affiliate program, first read the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions then complete the application form referenced below.

Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The commission rates stated below may be varied over time. We will inform you at least 4 weeks in advance of any changes.

There is a 20% commission on all purchases. This covers single purchases of Whoosh templates, single purchases of Whoosh Credits, and monthly subscription payments for Whoosh Credits.

To register complete the application form.